Gorilla Cinema Presents
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Gorilla Cinema Presents

Art, Business
About This Project

Cosmic Gorilla

Hospitality brand Gorilla Cinema Presents’ immersive bar and dining experiences are always miles ahead of the competition. One of their recent creative endeavors Cosmic Gorilla in OTR near historic Findlay Market is a shop with games, comic books, action hero’s, and further pop culture merchandise. The Cosmic Gorilla logo was developed by co-owner Katie Trevino with neon sign development by City Lights Neon. The neon sign, installed on an interior wall serves as the shop’s signage in the historic designated zone. But as true with other Gorilla Cinema Presents brands; why not mix drinks with the other fun? Pennifold’s Pub, a Harry Potter, kid friendly, themed pop up bar is located behind the shop!


Tiki Tiki Bang Bang

Tiki Tiki Bang Bang was originally conceived and branded as a Quentin Tarantino inspired speak easy bar called the Video Archive.  Its patrons entered through what appeared to be a video store by “selecting” a specific VHS video to reveal passage into the bar. The bar rebranded as Tiki Tiki Bang Bang with an equally as immersive Tiki bar theme. The bar occasionally morphs as a seasonal pop up to keep things even more interesting. The neon design created by City Lights Neon has been a constant throughout each evolution adding ambiance through light and color.